Hey there! It’s Katy D , the girl behind aSb.

First off I want to say that I’m just a normal person… Well far from “normal” but you get what I mean.

My life isn’t fancy. Or thrilling. Or anything out of the ordinary.

I come from a small town in rural Ohio. I’m not exactly popular. Though a lot of people seem to think they know who I am, nobody around here except for a handful of my closest humans know me for real.

Im awkward, a little strange and a tad bit backward. But also outgoing and talkative at the same time … I have been this way my entire life. Which as you can guess has led to some pretty strange life experiences to say the least.

I’ve struggled with my mental health and drug addiction for the better half of my adult life and my struggles have left me in a position where I’ve found more comfort in being alone as apposed to being in crowds which has deemed me to be “antisocial”… But we will talk more about all that later.

I started blogging in 2010 when I graduated from high school. Over the years due to my brutal honesty and openness about my life, my addiction and my struggles… I have gathered a small and loyal following whom I love with all my 💜 Thanks to the support and encouragement from these followers, friends and family members I have been able to blossom and grow into the person I am today and it’s because of them that I have the confidence to step out and be myself and speak my truth and just be unashamed and unapologetically me.

Yes I am a little damaged. I am a little crazy. A little weird. A lot random. I am me.Am I anything special? No. No I’m not… I’m just a real girl. Living in the real world. And I’ve got real shit to say about it.

I hope that by being open and honest and sharing my story, advice, my opinions and everything in between that I can help atleast one other person through their own struggles. Or at the very least share some helpful, funny and or inspiring/entertaining content 🙂

So if you read my writings and can relate or just simply enjoy what I’ve got to say then feel free to follow me on here and on my social accounts 🙂

Because it’s no fun to be antisocial all by yourself -Conner H

This Blog is A lot Like me… Random AF, so enjoy 🙂

Disclaimer : I am not a medical professional, I am not a life expert, I am not qualified to tell any of you how to live your lives… I’m simply a human being living life and documenting it along the way in hopes to connect with like-minded individuals. I promise to always be honest with you… even if it means telling the cold hard truth as I see it. But that does not mean my words should be taken matter of factly. This blog is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Everybody is different and to each their own. I don’t mean to offend or hurt anyone. My only goal is to connect. To help. To spread 💜. I’m all about good positive energy so please don’t kill the vibe. Be supportive of one another and let’s help each other through this. One post at a time!