About aSb

How can one be a lone wolf and still succede in this crazy world where being social is the norm?

Well, with this blog this one antiSOCIAL chick has managed to find the sweet spot. The grey area. The happy medium between anti|SOCIAL.


Meet Katy D, shes antiSOCIAL and she has managed to find her happy place through blogging, helping others, crafting, and creating and sharing useful, fun and honest content.

In her inverted seculusion she has managed to build a life that is full and happy and believe it or not incredibly social. Which has given her the ability to overcome a lot of her anxiety and put herself out there for the world to see.

If you wish to read along and live this crazy journey with this crazy girl then please join the antiSOCIAL community . Get to know Katy and find out how even the darkest of situations can be transformed into something great, just like a Caterpillar into a BUTTERFLY.

And if you need some advice along the way feel free to ask Katy D, because helping you be the best you you can be and get through the rough times and stand tall on your feet is what’s she’s all about. Any questions/responses posted as blog content will be tagged and in the category #askkatyd.

Here we will be unapologeticly ourselves and hopefully help one another find our way to our own happy places.

In the end none of us know what the fuck we are doing… But maybe together we can help each other figure it out 🙂

This blog is ran by a real girl, living in the real world…. And she’s got real shit to say about it

She’s honest and honestly she’s a mess… and she’s coming at you uncensored, unapologetic, and understress.

She’s an infj, an outgoing introvert, a walking contradiction. A minimalist. A deadhead. A foodie. A DIY and Beauty Junkie. A recovering IV drug addict. A dog&cat mom. A wife. A daughter. A big sister. A best friend. Shes Random AF and we ♡ her

She’s Katy D… And THIS is her world.