I am a recovering IV drug user nearing 16 months in my sobriety and I STRONGLY believe in HARM REDUCTION!

The harm reduction coalition is an amazing group and what they are doing is saving lives and helping to prevent the spread of blood borne diseases associated with IV drug use.

The simple truth is this… addicts who want to use are going to continue to use reguarldess of the circumstances…they will find a way… be it a dirty needle, unsafe conditions, or improper technique.

If they want to get high they will get high.

But giving them a chance and a place and the ability to get CLEAN works, DISPOSE of dirty works SAFELY, and have access to medical help/advice from trained staff will not only help the addict but also the community around them.

AND it opens the doors to the addict who still suffers to the possibility of finding help from the same non judgemental people who help them to use more safely.

You don’t have to support the use of illicit substances to support harm reduction.

Harm reduction isnt just helping the addicts who still suffer… it helps the community as well.

#wedorecover #harmreduction #harmreductioncoalition #ivdruguse

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