To all my friends still struggling with addiction:

If you are one of my friends from my dope days and you’re reading this and still in active addiction ive got 3 things to say to you.

Please understand where I’m coming from and know that I’ll never ever judge you… because I was there too.

1. Please Do NOT dm me asking to party, sell me drugs, looking for drugs, looking for a ride to get drugs, telling me about how high you are or telling me you are sober when i know you are flat out lying to me. Idgaf if you’re still using. I will never tell you what to do with your life or judge you in anyway. Just please respect the fact that I am clean and happy and have zero intention on using ever again.

2. I miss all you guys… you know who you all are. I still love you all to death and care about you and want the best for all of you… but I cant hang out with you. Im sorry. Not unless it’s in a clean and safe environment and you respect and support my decision to be clean and also you are not high at the time because let’s face it… being the only sober person around high people is

a) a buzz kill for you high people and

b)annoying as fuck and also triggering for me.

I’m not trying to be a bitch. I’m just being honest. I do really miss my old friends… but right now… for my own sake, I’ve got to love you all from a distance… and I wont apologize for that.

I hope you can understand.

3. Please take care of yourself and use safely.

I still care… alot… and would hate to hear of anything happening to any of you… I send you all good vibes and wish you all the best.

I hope in time that maybe you’ll join me in living the sober life… if so… if any of you ever have the desire to get clean. Call me. Message me. Come see me. Whatever. I will try my best to help you. To give you or get you In touch with the resources that have been given to me and helped me to get sober. We can go to a meeting. Or we can just sit and talk. Whatever it takes to get you from considering sobriety to actively attempting sobriety.

But untill then as i stated above…please just be safe. Use harm reduction. And dont fucking kill yourselves. Because that would break my fucking heart.

I know I’ve distanced myself from most of you and I hope you understand why… but please dont think it’s because it has anything to do with you or that simply because you’re still using that I love you any less… it has all to do with me. With the fact that I’m looking out for myself and my own sobriety and just simply can not be in that environment. I know most of you probably thought I’d never get sober… and even more of you probably think it would never last… but I’m serious about this. Very serious. I’m happy. For the first time in a long time. And I cant go back there. Back to the person i was. I just cant. I wont. So please… respect it… or I will be forced to start blocking you guys. I’ve recieved about 15 messages the last 2 weeks asking me to party… that’s why I fealt the need to put this out there. It’s not geared at anyone specifically just to my still drinking and drugging friends as a whole.

This ain’t about you guys. It’s about me. And if yall are still my friends and care about me then this shouldnt be hard to comprehend.

I love you all! Take care!😘

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