Things I’ve learned in renovation rehab.

A few things my camper renovation rehab project has taught me: dont NEED a man … BUT sometimes it’s super awesome to have your dad around to offer a helping hand.

2. If you’re unsure if something will fit. Measure it. Ya got that? Did u write it down? No? Measure it again. Are you using a real tape measure or just your arms to give a round about idea? Arms? Well… get a real tape measure. Use it. Dont lose it. And dont let it cut your fingers when its rolling back up. That shit hurts.

3. Get a good hammer. Not a piddly ass hammer you find in a general household tools kit. They wont drive a nail for shit. Get a real hammer. My choice. Blue handled Eastwing. Also… if you happen to live alone… this is a good thing to have laying around in the event you need a weapon. Just sayin 🙂

4.sometimes you’re gonna get in over your head and realize you dont know what the fuck you’re doing and you’re going to want an adultier adult than you or a mans help… but refer to #1. You dont need anyone. Google and YouTube are your best friend. Use them. Tutorials exist for a reason. But make no mistake they always make it look easier online lmfao.

5. Where did I put my? …. fuck….! have a place to put your tools. Also have a tool belt. 1. You look hot as fuck in a tool belt and 2. Having your tools where you need them when u need them saves time and frustration.

6.dont use spray paint inside with the doors closed just because it’s cold outside. You will give yourself a headache. And have paint boogers for a week.

7. Hot glue has more uses than you ever imagined.

8. Cant fix it with duct tape and a Bobby pin? Then it’s really broken.

9.when someone offers to help… dont be stubborn. Don’t be prideful. If someone offers without u asking it’s because they love you and want to help. They may also have some really bad ass ideas.

10. This is yourproject. So eventhough help is nice and having friends or family who got good ideas can be a blessing ultimately you have to live with this decision and if you’re not happy it’s going to drive you nuts so do it how you want but if your way dont work… dont be afraid to admit you were wrong. We learn through making mistakes. And we grow by admitting to them.

There alot more… but these are the 10 most important 🙂

If you’re passionate about something… do it… dont wait around surfing pinterest and planning for it but never really taking the jump… dreaming is fun n all but acting on them feels great and is more rewarding than I ever realized was possible. Just get up…get out… and do it.

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